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Danielle Pooles - Dressage

“... I couldn't ask for a more caring, down to earth, knowledgeable veterinarian team. After many years using Elite Equine Vets I can easily say I trust the team 100% & feel safe knowing that I can call on them with any issues I have with my horses, big or small. I couldn’t be where I am in my riding without their continued support and knowledge over the years, keeping my horses healthy and happy...”

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Jessie Fleming - Dressage

“…I truly believe Kurt and his team of vets and nurses to be an integral part of my horses heath, happiness and sometimes my sanity! They have been so supportive in the toughest of times and without them I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams of training my horses to the elite levels…”
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Black Sterling Warmbloods
- Dressage

“….  I personally trust the Elite Equine team with all my competition horses medical needs and my horses are also quite confident and happy around the vets and nurses!  It’s a team I am really happy to be a part of…”
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Edith Kane - Eventing

"...I have complete trust and confidence in the team of vets at Elite Equine Veterinarians. The support and attention to detail they have provided over many years has been a vital part of the health and happiness of my horses and my success as a rider."
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Sam Jeffree - Eventing

“… We cannot fault the fabulous service that is offered to our performance horses and rely on the prompt and thorough emergency after-hours service too…”

Photo Credit - Equine Focus Photography

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Jarryd Stanley - Eventing

“…The support I have received in the past 3 years has been invaluable to my progress and achievements as a rider…”

Will Enzinger - Eventing

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Photo Credit - Tim Herbert