Preventative Care


Elite Equine has a strong focus on preventative care for your horse,

  • Issues identified early in the disease process usually require less intensive and less expensive treatment and generally result in a better outcome,

  • Most horse owners already practice preventative care with shoeing, rugging, electrolyte supplementation and vaccinations,

  • Preventative care in horses, particularly performance horses involves many more elements for example

    •      Gastric Ulcers (EGUS)

    •      Dentistry

    •      Arthritis (Chondroprotective agents)

    •      Podiatry (shoeing for performance)

    •      Dietary modifications

    •      Vaccination programs

    •      Supplements

    •      Parasite control


Geriatric Health & Management


Horses greater than 15 years old are considered geriatric,

  • As horses age they become more susceptible to certain disease processes,

  • A thorough clinical examination (or Annual Heath Check) will identify any abnormalities hopefully early in the disease process,

  • Common geriatric abnormalities we find is

    • Dental pathology     

    • Arthritis

    • Neoplasia (cancer)

    • Cardiac (heart) abnormalities

    • Metabolic diseases (eg. PPID / Cushing's disease)

  • Full blood examinations are a great screening test to assess internal organ function, electrolyte and protein levels, presence of inflammation, anaemia and evidence of infection,

  • All significant findings and the ageing process are discussed,

  • A Management plan (including dental regime and diet) is formulated to ensure the health and well-being of your horse for the coming year.