Pre Purchase Examination


Pre-purchase examination of horses is highly recommended to provide a thorough picture of a horse’s physical health and soundness prior to buying your new companion. 

Elite Equine are an active member of Equine Veterinarians Australia and follow their guidelines for pre-purchase examinations. We can perform either a 2-stage, 3-stage or 5-stage examination.

A 2-stage examination involves a complete health check and a detailed inspection of the horse including eye and dental examinations as well as a full lameness evaluation with flexion tests. 

A 5-stage examination involves a 3-stage examination plus assessment of the horse during and after strenuous exercise. 

We have the capability to perform additional tests as requested, including a general health blood profile, drug screening, ECG (electro-cardiographs), radiography (x-rays), respiratory tract endoscopy, breeding soundness examination, ultrasound of the reproductive tract, tendons or other soft tissue structures as indicated.  

Pre-purchase examinations can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how many additional tests are required, and we generally prefer both the current owner and the potential buyer to be present for the examination and related paperwork to be completed (although we understand that this is not always possible!).

These examinations are designed to give the buyer a more accurate representation and assurance of their future companion, highlight any abnormalities or any risk factors identified.