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Lameness Evaluations


Elite Equine can assist with lameness problems in all breeds and types of horses. 


The initial assessment involves evaluation of the feet with hoof testers and careful palpation of the limbs and associated soft tissue structures.  We then examine the horse on trot out, often on the lunge or perhaps perform flexion tests. 


Once a baseline lameness has been established in a limb, nerve blocks are frequently performed to localise an area that the lameness (pain) is originating from. 


Nerve blocks involve injecting small volumes of local anaesthetic either over nerves that supply certain areas of the limb or into a synovial cavity (joint space or tendon sheath) and then assessing whether this improves the lameness. 


Further diagnostics (for example X-rays or ultrasound) may then be required to gain a clearer understanding of the problem before an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated. 


Many treatments involve equine podiatry with remedial shoeing to assist with management of the lameness

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