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Day Treatment Yards
  • Private, safe Equi-mesh fenced yards,

  • 6 x 12m with shelter and pine flake bedding,

  • Sand yard for laminitis cases,

  • Broodmares, Post-operative care, Day procedures, Ongoing treatments, Confinement for rehabilitation,

  • All horses hard fed twice daily and unlimited hay,

  • All dietary requirements catered for.

Portable Crush (Porta-safe stocks)
  • Unique portable crush which is ideal if clients are unable to bring the horse to the clinic,

  • Mobile veterinary workstation to perform a variety of procedures in a safe and professional manner,

  • Reproductive work, Equine dentistry, Diagnostic procedures, Endoscopy, Surgery.

  • We can even weigh your horse!

In House Pathology & AI Lab

  • Fast turnaround for pathology results,

  • Required to diagnose and treat patients in a prompt and efficient manner,

  • Essential in an emergency or when the welfare of the patient may be compromised,

  • Blood analysis (haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes, lactate, fibrinogen, protein levels)

  • Microscopy (skin scrapings, smears, fine needle aspirates, faecal egg counts, semen evaluation, embryo work)

  • Fluid sample analysis (synovial fluid from joint or tendon sheath, body cavity fluid)

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