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Elite Equine provides a comprehensive equine reproduction service

  • Qualified, experience and fully insured 

  • On farm in our Port-safe mobile stocks or at our clinic

  • Ultrasound, insemination, breeding swabs, twin management Caslick procedures, embryo flushes, uterine endoscopy, cyst management

  • Members of the Australian Reproductive Veterinarians, A special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association.

  • Experience in dealing with problem broodmares

Artificial insemination

  • Set up your mare for live cover, chilled or frozen semen artificial insemination

  • Pregnancy diagnosis

  • Semen evaluation

  • Post-breeding treatments

  • Breeding soundness examinations

  • Advanced breeding techniques

  • Embryo Transfer

Stallion collection

  • Tease mare

  • Phantom/Dummy mount

  • Semen collection, evaluation, processing for shipping (chilled)

  • Frozen semen storage available


Foaling down service

  • Large, pastured private foaling yards with safe mesh fencing and shelter

  • Qualified and experienced staff monitor your mare and are present for all births

  • Foaling alarms fitted to all mares

  • Veterinarian on-site to ensure normal progression


For further information please contact the clinic.

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