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Mare Foaling Down Services.


  • Stop getting fatigued from repeatedly getting up in the middle of the night to check your mare,

  • Avoid the stress of not knowing what to do when the foaling is not going according to plan,

  • Have a sound nights sleep while we foal your mare down for you!

  • Elite Equine has large, pastured private foaling yards with safe mesh fencing and shelters,

  • All mares are hard fed twice daily and unlimited hay available,

  • We are qualified and experienced and are present for all births,

  • All mares are fitted with foaling alarms and monitored carefully,

  • A veterinarian is on-site to ensure normal progression,

  • Any post foaling treatments, flushes and medications including IgG testing of the foal available if required,

For further information please contact the clinic.

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