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Elite Equine can perform surgeries at your property or at our clinic,
      - Gelding's (castration)
      - Wound or laceration repair
      - Biopsy and lump removal
      - Sarcoid treatment
      - Hoof casts
      - Hernia repair
      - Caslick procedure
      - Dental extractions
      - Skin grafts

Day procedures performed at the clinic allowing a more controlled environment and monitoring after procedure for your convenience,
Elite Equine offers medicating, treatments, monitoring and management of any referral cases after discharge from hospital including rehabilitation if required



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Elite Equine are qualified and registered to microchip horses,

  • Simple and quick procedure,

  • Must be performed under the  Equine Veterinarians Australia guidelines using local anaesthetic and surgical preparation of the skin,

  • Provides a permanent method of identification for your horse,

  • Mandatory for many equestrian associations,

  • Requirement for horses vaccinated against Hendra virus for recording on the national registry.

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